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Plentiful Perennials

Written by Hannah Irelan

This week at Strange’s we have 6″ perennials flooding our nursery! For just $5.95 you can take home a plant that will just keep getting better year after year. Here’s a sampling of what we have to offer with small descriptions of each plant, (In alphabetical order!)


Ajuga is a creeping plant that is great for shady areas and around shrubs or trees! Just keep in mind it can get out of hand easily, so keep it cut back.


These plants look as sweet as they sound! They’re a slow-grower, perfect for edging pathways. Blooms come later in the season, towards the end of summer.

Creeping Phlox

This is a creeping plant that is great as a space filler. The flowers attract butterflies! When the flowers are done blooming the foliage stays vibrant until winter.


This plant is a big higher-maintenance than others. However, its showy flower stalks can reach almost 7 feet high! It’s wonderful for attracting pollinators and giving the back of your garden some height.


Foxglove is a stunning vertical grower that can reach up to six feet high. Their conical flowers come in a gorgeous array of wildly different colors. Be careful if you have smaller children however, this plant is very toxic!


Heuchera, also known as coral bells, have gorgeous evergreen foliage. There are so many different varieties of this plant, over 300! No matter what your preference is you can find it with this stunning low-grower.

Ice Plant

Ice plants are succulent-like and can form a range of purposes! They can be ground cover or shrubs depending on the type.


This plant is another great shady ground-cover. It spreads rather quickly and grows soft white blooms, though some people prefer just the foliage!


These vibrant wildflowers are a popular choice for late summer blooms. They’re an easy grow, another perfect for those beginning gardeners.



This popular plant has about a million different varieties. As a succulent, it does wonderfully in dry, arid places. If you want something pretty and low-maintenance, this is perfect for you!

Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisies are a gorgeous, classic-looking pick. They are easy to care for, great for pollinators, and look amazing as cuttings in your home!

Sweet William

Also called Dianthus, this stunning plant is great for containers and edges. This plant is even gorgeous when not in bloom! Perfect for early spring or fall to add some bright color to your garden.


Despite this long list, we still have so many more gorgeous perennials for you to look at! Come in soon and peep our wonderful selection curated just for your home.

Information gathered fromĀ, and photos from Adobe Stock!

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