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New Homeowners’ Guide to Landscaping Series

Date: April 6, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: 12111 West Broad Street

Landscaping can seem an overwhelming process whether you’re a new homeowner or someone that wants to refresh the look outside their home. Join Strange’s landscaping expert Kevin Cutlip as he breaks the landscaping process down step-by-step in this free, three part series of classes.

The class breakdown is as follows:

Saturday, March 9th @ 10:00 AM

Part 1: The Basics

Learning Your Yard
North, South, East, and West. What are your exposures? Where is the Sun when? Which direction does the front of your house face? Are there any wet areas? Any large, immovable trees casting a lot of shade? Start your digital garden journal. Take plenty of pictures and meet us on the covered walk!

Moving in & Tearing Out
It’s your house now, so give your landscape a fresh start too by figuring out what in the existing landscape you want to keep and what has got to go. Freshen up the potentially tired foundation planting, remove or prune anything that has gotten too big or neglected. Spruce up your entrance way or clean up around the walk.

Basics of Getting Started Reviving that Tired Lawn
How to remove brown spot. Basic fertilization. Over seeding, Getting rid of bare spots.

Saturday, March 16th @ 10:00 AM

Part 2: The ‘Bones’

Time to Dig Some Holes
Now that you’ve gotten rid of the old, it’s time to put in the new. Figure out your spacing. How much usable area along the front of your house do you have? Put your “bones” in. What foundation plants will work for you? Decide what kind of “look” you want. Classic, fancy, color, conifer, broadleaf, deciduous?

Sick of Your Neighbors Yet?
Now that you’re settled in it’s time to block out your neighbor’s kids swing set. Screening Plants.

Saturday, April 6th @ 10:00 AM

Part 3: Make It Yours

Make It Yours
Now it’s time to make your yard truly yours. Find those cool specimen plants that will make your yard different and unique and reflect YOUR personal taste, not just the Jones’ . Pick a Japanese Maple, a weeping spruce or cedar, Mahonia, Exbury Azalea, Edworthia, Illicium, Flowering Cherry, etc. Plant on the edge of the yard or near a patio or deck so you can chat about it with visiting company/conversation topic.

Fine Tune
Cool perennials to accent foundation and walkway. Make a container, make two. Add inexpensive annuals for seasonal blasts of color. Fill in that shady or wet spot.

Plan For The Future
This is the last step. You’ve got everything the way you want it and now it’s just about upkeep and a final touch. Kids? Plant a tree or unique shrub together and watch it grow and change as they do. Second home/middle aged couple? Plant a shade tree to enjoy after retirement.

Strange’s Bloomin’ Days

Date: April 7, 2019
Time: All Weekend
Location: 12111 West Broad Street

Spring is in full swing and it’s time to get gardening! Join Strange’s on West Broad the weekend of April 6th & 7th as we kick off the spring season with a weekend of classes, demonstrations, and sales sure to set you up for success!

Who Will Be There?

Central Virginia Iris Society
Richmond Area Daylily Society
Richmond Rose Society
Richmond Beekeepers Association
Henrico Master Gardeners Association
Espoma Organic
Agriberry CSA and Farm
Pink House Farm
Tidal Creek Growers
Wild Earth Fermentation

Sales (Saturday + Sunday)

Sales will be announced the week prior to the event.

Free pH Soil Testing

Bring us a bag of soil and we’ll test your soil’s pH for free all weekend long.

Free Classes


8:00 AM – Walking Greenhouse Tour

Kick off day 1 of Bloomin’ Days with a walk-through greenhouse tour guided by our knowledgeable staff! We’ll show you some of our new and exciting plant varieties for 2019 while also covering plants that best thrive in the RVA area. Coffee and donuts will also be provided.

9:00 AM – Back Yard Vegetable Gardening

Not all great vegetables grow on farms! We’ll share all the tricks of the trade for growing great vegetables in your own back yard, from tomatoes to eggplants and more. You’ll also learn everything you need to know to feed and support your veggies through the summer months!

10:00 AM – Boxwood Care

Modern-day gardeners are rediscovering boxwood, the backbone of many landscapes. They are evergreen, drought-tolerant, deer-resistant, and have been part of the family tradition at Saunders Brothers for over 60 years. Join Beth Anne from the Saunders Brothers team for an expert discussion on boxwood care.

11:00 AM – Early Spring Lawn Care

Let Anthony Koch from Wyatt Quarles will take you from lawn newbie to turf expert! He’ll cover everything from weed control to fertilization to make sure you have all the information you need to grow your own lush, green lawn!

12:00 PM – New & Exciting Plants for Your Landscaping

Are you tired of the same old trees and shrubs you see in everyone’s yard? Join Craig Bradley from Monrovia as he shares some new and exciting nursery plants sure to set your landscaping apart from the rest!

1:00 PM – Controlling Moles & Voles

Are you tired of planting something only to see it disappear almost overnight? Have you ever stepped into your yard only to sink down in a soft spot? If you are tired of seeing tunnels in your lawn, Anthony Koch from Wyatt Quarles has solutions for you!

2:00 PM – Back Yard Chickens

A growing trend for urban and suburban dwellers is raising chickens. Come and join Beth from Pink House Farm as she provides tips and tricks for keeping our feathered friends happy and bountiful. You’ll have fresh eggs on the table in no time!

3:00 PM – Beginner’s Guide to Edible Landscaping

If you want to have a great-looking yard and eat it too, consider the world of edible landscaping! Jay Burlison, owner of J.M.B. Greengardens, will walk you through incorporating edibles into your lawn and garden. He will cover areas such as selecting the best plants for your space, overall aesthetics, and how to choose plants for your growing conditions.

4:00 PM – Bee an Organic Gardener – Our Next Meal Could Bee Up to You!

Join Bonnie from Espoma as she explains how going organic can help save our pollinators!


10:00 AM – Walking Nursery Tour

Kick off day 2 of Bloomin’ Days with a walk-through nursery your guided by our knowledgeable staff! We’ll show you some of our new and exciting plant varieties for 2019 while also covering plants that best thrive in the RVA area. Coffee and donuts will also be provided.

11:00 AM – Getting Started With Fruits & Berries

Who doesn’t like fresh fruit? Join experts from Virginia Berry Farm as they discuss what grows best in Richmond and how to take care of it.

12:00 PM – Deer-Proofing Your Garden

Deer can eat their way through your yard in a couple of nights if you let them. Craig Bradley from Monrovia will discuss what plants they hate, what plants they love, and how to prevent damage by using the right deer repellent.

1:00 PM – Back Yard Beekeeping

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, a new beekeeper, or thinking about starting a back yard beehive, the Richmond Beekeepers Association is here to answer your questions and cover the basics on raising some of our favorite pollinators.

2:00 PM – Beginner Rose Care

Roses are the queens of the garden. But like any royalty, they can be a bit touchy! Join the Richmond Rose Society, as they teach you how to treat them properly so you can grow your very own award-winning roses at home!

3:00 PM – Organic Herbs: What To Grow & Why

Join Bonnie from Espoma as she explains tips and trick for growing organic herbs!

4:00 PM – Mushrooms for Beginners

Interested in harvesting your own mushrooms but have no idea where to begin? Join Mark Jones, owner of Central VA-based Sharondale Farm, as he demystifies the world of mushrooms and shows you how to get growing in your own back yard!

More Details TBA!

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