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The More You Grow: Ep. 1 Mosquitoes? Gotta Go!

Posted on: 6/23/2020 @ 1:17pm

Today we’re talking about mosquitoes. Those pests that come with the joys of summer. There are plenty of products, both for individuals and gatherings, to help keep them at bay.

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Deer Resistant Plants For The Garden

Posted on: 3/17/2020 @ 12:19pm

Snack food for deer? We don’t think so!

If deer are an issue where you live, deer resistant plants are the things to use in your yard. While no plant is 100% deer resistant, there are many that will give you a fighting chance at having an attractive landscape.

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Get Creative with Container Gardens

Posted on: 3/9/2020 @ 12:14pm

Container Gardens are a great way to get creative with your garden. You can use anything as a vessel for your next plant endeavor.

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Vegetables to Plant During a Wintery Spring

Posted on: 2/22/2020 @ 11:15am

Phil may have predicted an early spring but it might take a little longer to warm up. In the meantime, use the last few weeks of winter to help grow some cool weather veggies so you can enjoy garden-fresh greens all season. We know it’s tempting to start planting your juicy tomatoes and wishing for warmer weather now, but homegrown vegetables can start much earlier than the end of spring.

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Getting the Most out of Your Cut Christmas Tree

Posted on: 11/27/2019 @ 1:10pm

It’s that time of year again! Christmas songs play everywhere you go, brightly colored lights begin to light up the outside of houses, and the mad dash to figure out everyone’s gifts for the big day begins. It’s also time to choose your next Christmas tree! We’ve gathered some info and tips to help you get the most out of your cut Christmas tree this season.

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Winter Protection for Birds in the Garden

Posted on: 11/12/2019 @ 2:00am

Winter is coming. So here are some ecological bird-friendly ways to promote a healthy safe habitat for birds come the colder months.

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Strange's DIY: Creepy Critters

Posted on: 10/23/2019 @ 2:52pm

Looking for some quick Halloween decorations or an easy craft to do with the kids? Read on to learn how to make 3 different creepy critters using Jack-be-Little pumpkins!

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Putting Your Garden to Bed: Things to do Before First Frost

Posted on: 10/16/2019 @ 3:15pm

Many of us are taken by surprise when the first frost finally hits every though it’s inevitable every year. Though Richmond’s first frost date falls on average around October 16th, if one thing is for certain about Mothers Nature, it’s that she doesn’t operate on a set schedule. Once it finally appears in the forecast we’re often left scrambling in the garden. Planting for next year, bringing our plants inside, and treating our landscape suddenly becomes very urgent. Want to get ahead of the game this year? We’ve put together this handy checklist as a reminder of things to do before temperatures drop!

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