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Urban Apples™: The Apple You Can Grow On Your Porch


Fresh From The Orchard Taste – In A Pot!

By, Ann Meisoll

Everyone loves the taste of a fresh apple, especially one picked right from the tree. Have you always wanted an apple tree, but you just don’t have the room to plant one? We have the answer—Urban Apples™ from Garden DebutUrban Apples™ are the apples you can grow on your porch!

Urban Apples™ are four new varieties that are columnar (they grow tall and narrow), and they can be grown in containers. So if you have 2 empty spots on your sunny patio, you could have apple trees! They grow to be 8-10ft tall, and not much wider than 2ft. There’s no complicated pruning or care, other than keeping them watered and fertilized. Urban Apples™ have pink blooms in the spring, fruit starts to form in the summer, and you’ll have apples to harvest in the fall. Pretty easy, eh?

There are four varieties available. You need to pick two to have good cross pollination.
Tasty Red is a bright, red apple with a sweet, juicy flavor.
Blushing Delight produces a reddish-green fruit that has a slightly sweeter flavor.
Golden Treat produces greenish-golden apples that are tart in early fall, but get sweeter the longer they’re on the tree.
Tangy Green has lime green apples that offer a crisp, tart flavor to the mix.

If you decide to grow Urban Apples™ in containers, the basic rule of thumb is “bigger is better”. Pick a container that has at least a 20” diameter, if not larger. Be sure to use a soil-less potting mix and Espoma Biotone when you plant. Watering is essential—you can’t rely on the rain when you have a tree in a container. We suggest at least one thorough watering a week, depending on the air temperature and weather conditions.

There are other fruits and berries you can keep in pots. Brazelberries are a line of blueberries and raspberries that can be container grown, and you can also grow hops vine in a pot. With these choices, along with all the vegetables and herbs you can grow in pots, you’ll be eating good for most of the year!


We have a fantastic selection of other fruits in now:

  • pawpaw
  • peaches
  •  elderberry
  • pears
  • pecan
  • persimmons
  • plum
  • fig
  • cherry
  • apricot
  • blueberry
  • blackberry….. and others!

Stop by and pick a fresh tree today!

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