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Planting Kale (Fall Veggies Series)


Written & Photographed by Caroline Martin


All hail!  It’s Kale!  Kale is easy to grow and so nutritious!  Learn the best ways to plant it, keep it alive and eventually harvest it.

Can it be grown in containers?

Yes!  Be sure that your pot is large enough so that you can plant your Kale 12-15 inches apart (if starting from pre-grown plants).  The starts should be planted at least 2 weeks before the first frost.  If you are starting from seeds, plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep with at least 6 inches of growing space.  Seeds need to be planted at least 4-6 weeks before the first Fall frost.

How long does it take to grow?

 It depends on the variety of Kale you are planting, but most take between 50-70 days to fully mature.

How much sun does it need?

Kale loves FULL sun!

What varieties do you have in stock?

Strange’s West Broad carries (while supplies last):

Scarlet Bor: Curly leaves that turn red as they mature in cool weather.  Sweet flavor.

Vates Dwarf Blue Curl: An excellent variety with bluish-green, curly leaves.

We also carry a variety of Kale seeds, if you prefer to start there:


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