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3 Easy Ways to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

Send Your Plants on Vacation Too!

By, Ann Meisoll

Are you taking a vacation away from home this summer? Don’t forget about your potted friends, both indoors and out. Strange’s West Broad has 3 products to help keep your plants watered while you’re away.

1. Plant Nanny: These are wonderful for indoor plants. They consist of a terracotta spike, which gets pushed down into the soil.  It holds a water bottle or wine bottle, if you want a more rustic touch!  The spike is porous so it releases water over time. Plant Nannies are available in two sizes, one for the wine bottle and the other for up to a 1 liter plastic bottle. When you plan to be away from home, Plant Nannies are the perfect option because they hold enough water to sustain your plant for a couple of days, depending on the plant, soil, light and heat conditions, etc.


2. Vacation: Vacation is an all natural product that helps soil retain moisture. It’s very easy to use, and the longest lastingKeep your outdoor plants alive for almost 2 weeks with 3 easy steps!

1. Water your plants thoroughly
Mix Vacation according to the directions
3. Pour Vacation solution on top of the soil and walk away

Do not water your plants after Vacation has been applied. Additional water will break down the solution and it will lose its effectiveness.


3. Plant Quencher: This beautiful hand-blown glass water bulb is perfect for watering indoor plants while away, and is also an attractive addition to any plant!  Simply fill the bulb with water, flip quickly and insert into your plant’s soil.  Make sure that your plant’s soil is moist so that the bulb can be inserted easily.  Plant Quencher keeps your plant hydrated for about 2 days.


Obviously, there is no substitute for having someone water your plants while you’re away, but we know that’s not always possible. Give your plants a fighting chance with the Plant Nanny ,  Vacation, and the Plant Quencher.

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