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Picking and Caring for Your Christmas Tree This Year

Strange's Christmas Trees

Picking and Caring For Your Christmas Tree This Year

Written by, Kevin Cutlip

Photos by, Caroline Martin

It’s the season! Trees are on every corner, so why should you come to Strange’s nursery to get yours?

Here’s why:

Our trees are locally grown in Virginia tree farms. They are cut fresh and delivered to our yard within just a few days. Trees are also gently cared for by the most knowledgeable staff around. Come in knowing you will have a tough decision to make because our trees are very pretty this year! Our staff will be patient and help you in your final decision of height and width, and even show you a few tricks to tell the freshness of your tree for your Strange’s Holiday Experience!

Strange's Christmas Trees

After making your decision, there are a few questions we will ask and care info we will give you as we take your tree to the “prep area”. First, know how deep your tree stand is. Proper pruning of the lower limbs is important in the fitting of that stand. There are several types of stands to choose from if you need one. If you already have one, we will fit it for you. Just bring it in. When pruning your tree, you also have the option to keep that greenery.  Just let us know!

Zane helps keep our Christmas Trees watered and fresh.

Zane helps keep our Christmas Trees watered and fresh.

Next, if we make a fresh end cut on the trunk of your tree, it needs to be put into water within an hour before it “gels over”. Trees need to be able to take up water immediately. They continue to drink up to 2 gallons a day for the first week. We recommend putting it in a bucket of water for a day before bringing inside because it will take up more water and may fall a bit more to it’s natural shape for you. If you go past this time frame, please take off about another 3/4 of an inch to re-open the veins. After the tree slows down, it may take up over a quart of water a day. If the water in your bucket or stand goes below the cut, you will need to cut again, and no one wants to do that to a fully decorated tree, right?

There are several preservatives for you to choose from as well that will keep the fresh cut veins of your tree open to pull needed water up. Ask our staff; we will gladly show you. We also recommend getting a “Tree Bag” to put under your fresh tree because it will help in the messy removal process after the season. Sometimes the bottom of the tree is so wide, it makes it difficult to check the water, so investing in the re-useable “Santa’s Magic Water Spout” is a great tree saving item. Simply put, it’s a “dipstick” for your tree!

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Try to keep your fresh cut tree away from heat sources. If there is a heat vent, we recommend getting a “diverter” for that particular vent, so as not to have dry heat blowing on the tree. Fireplaces and wood stoves should be 6 to 8 feet away from the lower branches. If there are open electrical sockets that the needles can accidentally enter, use a childproof socket blocker to keep them out.

After the Christmas Season when it’s time to dispose of the tree, check around for disposal places that accept these trees. Most fire departments can tell you where there are facilities.  Have a Merry Christmas!

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