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Let’s Talk Tones! Espoma Organic Products For Your Garden

Let’s Talk Tones! Espoma Organic Products For Your Garden

By, Ann Meisoll

If you have ever come to Strange’s looking for something to use to feed your evergreens, we have likely recommended Holly-tone. Most folks are familiar with this product, but did you know that Espoma (the makers of Holly-tone) produce a line of natural fertilizers that cover pretty much anything you grow in your garden? Well, they do! Here’s a quick breakdown on our most popular products. For more information, refer to

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Holly-tone: for all kinds of evergreens—azaleas, rhodos, camellias, junipers, hollies, etc.
Plant-tone: for all plants. We really like this one for perennials
Garden-tone: use in your vegetable and herb gardens
Bulb-tone: use whenever you plant or move all kinds of bulbs
Bio-tone: use for planting anything and everything! Bio-tone will help plants form bigger root systems faster.
Tomato-tone: feed tomato plants all summer long (great for peppers also)
Flower-tone: great for all kinds of annuals and tropical plants
Rose-tone: for all roses, both in the ground and in containers
Citrus-tone: recommended for all kinds of citrus, use once a month

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