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Haunting Indoor Plants For Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin: Fresh Carved Jack O' Lantern Decoration & Fro

Haunting Indoor Plants For Halloween

By, Ann Meisoll

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Halloween party? Spooky lights, jack-o-lanterns, great food, and scary decorations. What’s missing? Live plants that are perfect for the season!
Dress up your Halloween party with some indoor plants. We have three that are great choices to go with any décor. Try a ‘Black Love’ anthurium, a bat plant, or a croton.


Anthuriums are long blooming and very easy to care for. They have thick green leaves and heart shaped blooms that can be red, white, pink or blackish, depending on the variety. Anthuriums are also called ‘flamingo flower’ and ‘painted tongue’. High light and lightly moist soil are required to keep them alive and thriving.


Bat plants are a new introduction in the tropical plant world. They have large leaves and bizarre violet/black blooms that hang from tall stems and resemble bats. Bat plants are hardy outdoor plants in Florida, but they need bright light indoors here in Richmond.


Crotons are the perfect fall colored houseplant. One plant has green, orange, red AND yellow leaves. Crotons like bright light and lightly moist soil. They pair up well with other houseplants in any shade of green.


Cactus and succulents can add a creepy touch to any table. Add a little moss, some googly eyes, and you’ve got a scary little table decoration!

Need a little additional “fall” in your indoor arrangement? Grab a pumpkin that your plant will fit in, and hollow it out enough to hold the pot. Add a little Spanish moss around the top of the pot and you’ll have a great fall look. You can also plant directly in pumpkins, but be warned—the pumpkin will rot!

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