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Growing Microgreens for the Winter

Growing Microgreens for the Winter

By, Kevin Cutlip

Growing Microgreens is becoming one of the hottest “after season” gardening experiences this year. As you know, in the grocery store they are not cheap! But growing them yourself, can save a bundle, they are organic, and save time while cooking, because, they are right at your fingertips!
Some of the choices include:
Beet Greens
Radish Greens
Several Herbs
…and more.

There are several ways to grow microgreens, including outdoors, windowsill, or normal light indoors. They don’t require that much light, because you are not growing for the bloom, which those plants needs about 6 hours of light to produce. Most all your Cold Crops can withstand frost, and the “tenders” can be successfully grown in the terrarium kits, as long as they are damp. They are not affected by disease or insects, since they grow fairly fast, and complete harvest is frequent.

On the market, there are numerous kits for these great veggies and herbs. Some have the reusable terrarium, and others are a simple jar, with a screen in the lid. The first mentioned includes a mesh pad for the greens to grow on. The second would be with soil-less seed starting mix, and are great for those longer, continuous growing stems. Either way, a “succession planting” is the ideal way to have them always ready, like Chives. So as you are shopping around, buy several kits, and plant a few weeks apart.

microgreen-pad2 microgreen-new-seeds
Harvesting Microgreens is easy. Simply wait for the first “true leaves” to sprout, and snip. There is no need to fertilize them, since you are harvesting these “light seeking” leaves. After you have completed the harvest, simply scatter another crop of seeds for the next. No need to remove old roots, they will actually provide composting media to your mini garden. In 2 to 3 weeks, ready again.
In addition to the health benefits, the flavoring of soups, salads, eggs, stir fry will always be there waiting.

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