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Get a Head Start Now on Next Year’s Insects

Written by Ann Meisoll

Are you frustrated every year with Japanese beetles eating everything in sight? How about scale on your holly tree? Or aphids on almost anything? We have a long-term solution to these problems.

Fertilome Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench is extremely effective for controlling and killing listed insects, including Japanese beetles, aphids, thrip, whitefly, scale, and borers. It is very easy to use, no spraying involved! Just mix according to the directions and pour around the roots of the plant. The plant takes up the product, just like it would take up fertilizer and water from the soil, and it works from the inside out. This drench is also a long term solution. One application is effective for a year.

It sounds strange to be applying this product this time of year, but plants will take the drench up at different rates. Larger, more woody plants will take longer for the drench to spread within the plant, whereas smaller plants, like perennials, will take a shorter amount of time. Regardless, plants should be well protected by next spring when we have the next round of insect infestations.

A few precautions:

  • Read the instructions thoroughly, and be sure to follow them. More does not equal better.
  • This product contains imidacloprid (Merit). While it is not toxic to wildlife, it is toxic to bees. Be sure to take this into consideration before using.
  • Never use this product on any kind of food crop—vegetable, herb or fruit.
  • Remember, one application lasts for a year!

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