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Fitness Gardening – Ditch The Gym!

fitness gardening

By, Kevin Cutlip

Winter is still here, we’ve gained over 2 hours of daylight, clocks will be changed this weekend, garden plots and plans are in the works… Do you know how healthy gardening is? I mean, besides the barefoot grounding, dirt under your nails, earthy smells, warm sun on your back, healthy?

Well, let’s see how our garden chores compare with a workout at the gym: At my age, I have to stretch out a bit before getting dirty. Tai Chi has become my new friend. I know what the day’s chores are going to be. “Warming up to garden up!” So, let’s get started.

There are several ways to workout in the garden. Some folks think that they need to go to a gym to downsize something. If you think about it, in the garden, no one is waiting for the machine you are on or wants to take the rake out of your hand.
The chart below actually gives you ideas for a complete gardening workout, like digging, spading, composting or mowing the lawn! It also keeps you in check for maintaining your tools, keeping them right and getting that workout. Did you know that it’s possible to burn 272 calories an hour just digging in your garden?

To find out how much you are actually gaining by losing as you garden, Calorie Lab has it down to a science. Like us, we have customers who have changed their lifestyle and committed to gardening as their sole exercise regimen and feel great! The best part about this type of workout is, as you do it, you are involved in a special nourishment of your mindset. Thinking, learning and implementing new ways for other life to succeed.

Think of the money you’ll save when you don’t have to buy a gym membership! No monthly dues. Also, if you are veggie gardening, imagine the millions of different kinds of smoothies you can make in that blender… Free.

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