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Fall Bulbs: Plant Now for Spring Color!

Written by Ann Meisoll

Everybody always gets excited when they see that first crocus popping through a late snow, or the first bright yellow daffodil in the neighborhood. Make plans to plant your bulbs this fall, for spring color next year.

Want carefree blooms that multiply and come back from year to year?

Plant daffodils, muscari (grape hyacinths), crocus, wood hyacinths and dutch iris for consistently spreading color each year. These are so maintenance-free, you won’t know what to do with the extra time you have! They can also be planted in your lawn (assuming your HOA doesn’t mind) for unexpected pops of color.

Tulips are elegant and colorful!

Who doesn’t love a field full of tulips in bloom? Unfortunately, tulips don’t usually last more than a few years here in Richmond, so don’t expect them to live forever. Use tulips to fill those empty spots that get a lot of sunlight. Plant them in groups of 8 to 12 for gorgeous pockets of color.

Too many choices and you can’t decide?

Pick up one of our Beautiful Blends combinations. You’ll get great selections, coordinating color, and maybe even some fragrance with these combos from Van Bloem.
Choose something different like a blue and white combination, or maybe a hot combo with bright-colored tulips.

Tips and hints for great-looking bulbs:

  • Plant them where they will get as much sun as possible next spring.
  • Make sure the soil drains. If it stays wet, bulbs will rot and die.
  • Are squirrels and voles a problem in your garden? If so, plant bulbs in Permatill or use stainless steel mesh bags to keep the critters out.
  • Plant bulbs in groupings. They look better en masse, rather than as single bulbs here and there.
  • Be sure to fertilize your bulbs with Espoma Bulb-tone when you plant. This will ensure they get off to a good start setting roots this fall and have enough food to bloom next spring.

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