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Don’t Forget to Feed the Birds!

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Don’t Forget To Feed The Birds!

By Ann Meisoll

Winter is a great time to start feeding the birds again. Strange’s has a great selection of different seed blends (some even with fruit and nuts), suet cakes, seed cakes and feeders.

We stock seed blends from Wild Delight, Aspen Song, and Coles Birdseed. We also have large bags of black oil sunflower, safflower, striped sunflower and mixed wild bird seed.

Our seed selection sets us apart from other stores. The blends we carry reflect the birds you really want to see in your yard. We have mixes that squirrels won’t eat, along with Coles Flaming Squirrel, a liquid hot pepper you can add to own seed. Birds don’t mind it, but squirrels hate it. If you like feeding goldfinches and wrens, we have seed and feeders for that. We also have a great selection of squirrel proof and squirrel resistant birdfeeder. Why spend money time and time again for cheap feeders the squirrels can destroy, when you can buy one really good feeder and keep them out for good? Squirrel proof feeders aren’t cheap, but it is money well spent and puts the squirrel frustration factor to zero.

There are always hungry birds, but there seem to be more in the winter. Migratory patterns bring them through Richmond, so we should be good hosts and offer them food. Birds do a lot for us – they eat insects, they pollinate plants, they spread seed from other plants. Be nice and feed a bird today.


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