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30 Under 30 – November 2014

30 under 30We’re back again with another 30-Under-30 idea.  To recap, we’re showing off ideas you can use to add a bit of Green to your personal space that cost less than $30 and take less than 30 minutes to do.  Last month was a great little container garden for the porch, deck or well lit entry way that combined a reusable container and fall blooming plants. 

This month we focus on a small container perfect for a desk or table indoors.  With outside temps just starting to get cool, we wanted to focus on a warmer feel using a mix of colors and succulents or Cactus plants.  Succulents and Cacti are easy to care for, do well indoors and have wonderful texture well suited for close up viewing.

We cruised through our houseplant section at our West Broad Location and picked out two containers for under $10 each.  We also picked out some colorful Succulents for under $10 each.  To help add a touch of color contrast, we also chose some decorative sand.

Just like our Fall Container garden, an indoor succulent garden is comprised of:

Any sturdy container that has appropriate drainage
A suitable planting medium
A colorful selection of  Unique plants suitable to your taste.


Container ~ $7

Since we will be up close and personal with this succulent garden, we went with a neutral color container with lots of texture that will support our Cactus.  At 6 by 6 inches, this container will fit nicely on a desk or table top in home or office.

A faux Slate houseplant or bonsai container.

A faux Slate houseplant or bonsai container.

Planting Medium ~ $6

We chose Espoma Organic Cactus Mix, chipped white stone and colored sand to include in our container.  This layered mix will afford good drainage and root support for our Cactus.  One bag is enough to do several 6 x 6 inch containers or one large 24 x 24 inch container.


Plants!  ~ $7

We chose a bright little 3 inch Cactus and didn’t hesitate in dropping her into the new home!  We added just enough water to give the medium some tack but not enough to over saturate our arid friendly cactus.


Stone and Sand ~$6

We wanted to add some color and a bit of desert feel to our container which also allows for evaporation control.  This will help create a well suited micro-climate for the Cactus. First we added our Chipped White stone as a top dressing.  It’s perfect to stop here if you wish, but we wanted to add a touch of color with decorative sand. The colored sand allows us to make stress relieving designs and will shift over time giving us a wonderful texture when we water.


First in, chipped white stone as a base.

First in, chipped white stone as a base.




Assembly – Between 10 and 30 Minutes

Again, this setup was rather plug and play.   Spending 30 minutes is easy to do if designs are drawn into the sand.  If time is of the essence, stopping at the white chipped stone will put your right at 15 minutes.

The finished design.

The finished design.

We had so much fun with the small cactus, we did another with similar ingredients but a little different design.   We used the chipped white stone and green sand and created a ripple effect.


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