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Grass Seed - Assorted Sizes

Grass Seed - Assorted Sizes
Grass Seed - Assorted Sizes

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Fall Lawn Renovation

Richmond summers are hard on most lawns in the area. It is a fairly simple procedure to bring them back, and have them look good throughout the winter and into the spring.

Start early, mid August to mid September.
Use Killzall to kill everything. The main chemical in Killzall is glyphosate, a non-selective weed & grass killer. Spray every 10-14 days, depending on the weather and the severity of your problem. Killzall works better when it is hot and dry. Keep in mind that Killzall will damage or kill almost anything it gets sprayed on. These instructions also apply to spot killing.
Once everything is dead, clear out the area and remove all the trash.
Prepare your seed bed— rake it level, spread topsoil or peat moss if you need some extra organic matter, lay down seed & fertilizer according to directions, and keep it all moist. Fertilizer is the most important key to keeping your lawn healthy and green. We recommend feeding in September & October. If you’re starting your lawn from scratch, use Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter in September, and Ferti-Lome Winterizer in October. We don’t recommend using straw as a cover, since it takes forever to degrade and may drop wheat, oat or barley seed. Use a thin layer of peat moss instead.

Reseeding & Overseeding

If your lawn looks good, but just needs a little help, adding some new seed and fertilizer may be all it needs. Overseeding is usually done at a lighter rate, about 3-5 lbs of seed per 1000 sq feet. Reseeding is typically 5-8 lbs per 1000 sq ft. Some manufacturers put their own recommended rates on the seed bags, so be sure to check the label first for any tips. Have your soil pH checked every couple of years. If you need to add lime to raise the pH, the typical rate is 50 lbs per 1000 sq ft, to raise the pH half a point. Lime is not an immediate fix. It can take several months before the pH is properly adjusted. Prepare your seed bed— rake it level, spread topsoil or peat moss if you need some extra organic matter, lay down seed & fertilizer according to directions, and keep it moist.

Apply FL New Lawn Starter for the first feeding. Wait about 2 months and use FL Winterizer.

Killing Weeds in the Fall

FL Weed Free Zone is a cool season weed killer that works wonders in the fall! Use it to get rid of weeds like clover, ground ivy, henbit, shepherds purse, wild onion and more, before you really start to work on your lawn. Weed Free Zone works in temps from 40 to 85 degrees, and is available in both a liquid and a granular. Reseeding can be done about 2 weeks after Weed Free Zone was first applied. You can also use Dimension to help prevent weed problems before they occur. Dimension acts as a barrier in both the lawn and garden beds, preventing weed seed from germinating. You need to wait 6-12 weeks before reseeding, if you use this product.

Other Recommendations

Our grass seed recommendation is Top Choice. It has been a consistent performer here in Richmond over the last 5 years. Top Choice is heat & drought tolerant and insect resistant. It has a nice dark green color, with a narrow to medium width blade. It does not grow in clumps — it grows very smoothly, making for a beautiful yard. If you have mostly shade where you would like to grow grass, use Shady Nook grass seed. It is a blend of different kinds of fescues and some bluegrass also. It does well in shade and light sun.

If we have a very dry fall and don’t get a lot of rain, remember to water your lawn, and water it deeply. A strong, healthy lawn is the best way to avoid weeds and other problems. Also be sure you’re not cutting your lawn too short. Most fescues perform (and look) their best when they’re kept at a height of about 3-4”. If turf is kept too short, it becomes susceptible to disease and insect problems, sunscald and it doesn’t bounce back nicely and regain that carpet look when you walk on it.

Sizes and Prices

Top Choice Gold 50 pound bag $151.95
Top Choice Gold 25 pound bag $81.95

Top Choice Gold 5 pound bag $21.95

New Lawn Starter Fertilizer 5000 sq ft. $28.95

Kentucky 31 50 pound bag $129.95
Kentucky 31 25 pound bag $71.49
Kentucky 31 10 pound bag $29.95
Kentucky 31 5 pound bag $16.29


Price: $16.29

Qty:   West Broad Garden Center

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