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Ornamental Ivy

Ornamental Ivy
Ornamental Ivy
Ornamental Ivy

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Ivy is an evergreen creeping vine perfect for making a dense mat of foliage in your landscape.  Ivy spreads horizontally over the ground.  Height varies by type but runs between 6 to 8 inches and will climb walls, fences or other structure. 
Ivy prefers shady areas away from direct sun.  Excellent for use in north or east facing areas of the yard.  Ivy's growth pattern helps reduce erosion and keeps your landscape intact.  Ivy also makes a wonderful perennial addition to any hanging basket or container garden. 

Ivy will grow from cuttings.  They prefer rich, moist soil and will burn in direct sunlight.  Plant from 16 to 24 inches apart due to the spreading nature of the plant.


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Tags: Shade Perennial, Running Groundcover

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