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Indoor Plants for any occasion!

Sometimes floral arrangements are "too much" or the space demands something more.  This is where our extensive House and Indoor Plant selection comes in handy.  Many of these plants are tropical in feel and variety and help add that perfect bit of Outdoors to any indoor space.  Check back often as our selection changes and if you would like to customize, feel free to call us at 1-800-421-4070.

Terrarium Life
A mini eco-system in glass makes a wonderful addition to your desk or zen space...

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Aloe 6"
Aloe is a staple for any home owner or college student. The juice in the leaves ..

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Orchid as a Gift - 4 inch - Assorted Colors
Orchids make a unique gift.  This gift orchid and reflects the full service..

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Begonia Rieger 6" as a Gift
This cool weather native makes a perfect indoor gift for the Fall home or office..

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Draceana Marginata as a Gift
This plant has an attractive foliage. ..

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Peace Lily
The peace lily is great for sympathy or to brighten an office environment. &n..

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Pothos Plant 6"
Some cultures call the variegated pothos a money plant. Great office plant. ..

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Pothos 8"  Hanging Basket
This household favorite is another plant for an individual with a brown thumb be..

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Azalea Indoor
These greenhouse raised indoor azaleas are simply delightful with brightly color..

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Calathea as a Gift
Bring color into your indoor paradise with calatheas and relish beauty in simpli..

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Croton 6" as a Gift
The foliage of the croton comes in an array of colors, depending on the variety...

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Double African Violet - RVA Only
African Violets are a common blooming houseplant. Their flowers can be a range o..

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Schefflera Arboricola
Also known as an Umbrella Plant, the Schefflera arboricola is easy to care for. ..

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Succulent Garden
This modern earth-toned container has a mix of three unique succulents in variou..

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Rubber Plant
A rubber plant is one of nature's precious gifts.  Enjoy this treasure your..

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10" Wandering Jew Basket
The Wandering Jew plant got its name from the wandering nature that the plants s..

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Dieffenbachia - Various Sizes
A Richmond favorite houseplant for their large, tropical leaves.  Tolerant ..

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ZZ Plant 6"
Zamioculcas zamiifolia, but you can call it the ZZ plant!  The perfect ..

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Anthurium Plant With Flowers
This tropical plant is native to the Americas. It likes to be in bright indirect..

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Fittonia 4 Inch
Fittonia are perfect for that "Groundcover" look in any indoor container.  ..

West Broad Garden Center

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