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Top 5 Reasons to Love Crape Myrtles

Of all the great flowering trees out there that grow well in the South, the Crape Myrtle is certainly a favorite! And this blooming beauty definitely lives up to all its accolades-
let’s take a minute to talk about why these trees are so well-loved:
5. Great size selection

When choosing a plant for your yard, it’s often difficult to find a variety that will fit in the space you have available. (We’ve ALL spent time frequently pruning back a plant that’s just too large for the spot we planted it in…) That’s why we’re voting that size selection is a great reason to love crape myrtles! From the smallest varieties like ‘Pokomoke’ (2-3′) and the Razzle Dazzle collection, to the largest varieties like ‘Natchez’ (30’+) and ‘Muskogee’ you can find a crape myrtle that is perfect for your space!

4. Attractive Branching Structure

Year-round, crape myrtles are beautiful to look at! Even in the dead of winter it’s easy to appreciate the appearance of this plant; its branching structure is graceful and  architectural, adding great lines to your landscape.
3. Wide Color Range

In addition to touting a wide range of size choices, Crape Myrtles offer an excellent palette of flower colors! You can find a specimen in nearly any shade of red, pink, purple or white, which makes this plant a versatile choice for any garden!
2. Seasonal Interest

Though known for their spectacular show of flowers in the summer, Crape Myrtles offer great attributes during the rest of the year as well! In the Fall, most varieties produce a beautiful show of autumn-colored leaves (the color that the leaves change depends on the variety of the crape.) The winter months showcase the beautifully striated bark that is also unique to each variety. No doubt about it, year-round Crape Myrtles are pretty plants!
1. Long Flowering Season

And lastly, probably the most popular reason to love Crape Myrtles is their long flowering season! While most other flowering trees sport their blooms for a few weeks, Crape Myrtles reliably bloom for about 3 MONTHS! And their show of flowers is spectacular– typically the tree’s canopy is awash with color from mid-June through mid-September. 
There you have it- 5 GREAT Reasons to Love Crape Myrtles! If you’re not a fan already, we hope you are now.

Happy Gardening!

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